Hey there! I’m Bonnie, mom of two wonderful girls who love books!

My older daughter M has been listening to audiobooks and podcasts since just before she turned 3. This blog is to compile a list of our favourite audiobooks, podcasts, and resources for when my younger daughter A is ready to start listening too, and of course anyone else who would enjoy listening to stories. The list is long, too long to write out each time someone asks the question, “What are your favourite audiobooks or podcasts for kids?

We first discovered audio stories on a road trip from Vancouver to Kamloops, BC. We had just purchased a new-to-us minivan but opted out of getting a DVD player in an effort to limit screen time. So how the heck were we going to entertain M on such a long trip? The answer was a podcast story that she listened to with rapt attention on repeat for at least two hours of the trip (theĀ Three Little Pigs to be exact; I’ll talk more about Stories Podcast later). This opened up a whole new world for our family, and saved my sanity on many occasions!

As for me, I’m an avid reader as well, and am constantly adding to my To Read list. In my professional life, I’m a registered dietitian, and am passionate about good food. I also enjoy travelling (reading books on vacation), thrifting (for books), and doing yoga (whenever I’m not reading). Being a parent has let me rediscover my favourite children’s stories, and I’m excited to share them with my daughters.

Thanks for reading, and happy listening!

– Bonnie (Mrs Louie) and the two Miss Louies


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